Glædelig jul!

December 23rd, 2013

Årets julepanorama er fra den nyrenoverede Lyngby Kirke og viser det lyse kirkerum med stenalterbordet af hvid marmor samt de fantastiske senmiddelalderlige kalkmalerier. Meget passende er billedet taget 4. søndag i advent:

Panorama fra Lyngby Kirke

Og så måtte jeg lige et par år tilbage i samlingen for også at finde julestemningen udendørs:

Panorama fra Lyngby Kirke

A very large vessel

September 26th, 2013

Majestic Mærsk, one of the worlds largest containerships, is visiting Langelinekaj, Copenhagen, Denmark. The ship, which will sail between europe and Asia, is the second of 20 ships to be delivered in the Maersk triple E-class. Take a look at these four panoramas and marvel at its size:

Almost reached the ship:
Panorama fra Langelinie med Majestic Mærsk

It is big:
Panorama fra Langelinie med Majestic Mærsk

Panorama fra Langelinie med Majestic Mærsk

And some 399 meters later:

Panorama fra Langelinie med Majestic Mærsk

Gigapixel from Nordkraft

April 24th, 2013

I was in Aalborg a day this Easter to take some panoramas for two students. The Panoramas were made ​​in and around Nordkraft and they are going to be used in a project on human-machine interaction. As something new, I tried to make a gigapixel panorama and the result can be seen here:

Panorama fra Nordkraft, Aalborg

The panorama is stiched from 146 individual images of 21 megapixels each and has a total of 2.8 gigapixel. This is a resolution more than 1000 times higher than my old Canon Digital IXUS could do.

The panoramas are on display in Nordkraft for 3 weeks starting tomorrow (April 25th 2013). It will be possible to read about the project and try to navigate the panoramas using only gestures.

The Round Tower – May 2012

May 18th, 2012

The Round Tower was build by danish king Christian IV between 1637 and 1642 and is the oldest working observatory in Europe. The observation platform offers a splendid view of Copenhagen. Off Course you get an even better view when you mount your camera on a 6 meter high pole. Enjoy!

Panorama of The Round Tower, Copenhagen